May 30, 2014


The best part about working with Schaaf-PartnerCentric has been the day to day communication with our account manager, Kris. She is always one step ahead of us in shaping goals for our affiliate program. She’s always very responsive and doesn’t hesitate to look in to any issues that arise. I also have gained full trust in her and Schaaf-PartnerCentric that they’re putting our best interests first and won’t do anything we’re not comfortable with.

Before Schaaf-PartnerCentric we were somewhat limited by our pool of affiliate contacts. We were relying on cold calling and emailing affiliates we thought might be good for us. With Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s affiliate connections and experience with similar clients they were able to jump right in and get us connected with affiliates who would be excited about promoting our products. They’ve been great at getting our foot in the door with affiliates who may not have seriously considered a partnership with us.

Schaaf-PartnerCentric has taken a lot of work off our plate when it comes to negotiating terms and day-to-day management with affiliates. However, I wouldn’t say our work has decreased any since bringing them on. With the time we’re saving on reporting and affiliate management we’re adding time in creating promotions and deals to expand the affiliate program. Schaaf-PartnerCentric isn’t just taking over the program, they’re helping us grow it as well. With more growth comes more internal resources that must be provided to keep up. We’ve been incredibly satisfied by the shot in the arm Schaaf-PartnerCentric has given to our affiliate efforts.