February 26, 2014

The Constants of Affiliate Marketing

By the very nature of the performance marketing industry, affiliate marketers spend a lot of time chasing the latest trends. There are, however, constants in affiliate marketing – things that were as true on day one as they are now. These constants are as important today as they were when the industry was born.

Here are the affiliate marketing constants:

Affiliate Marketing is People
There’s a reason the industry once flirted with calling itself “Partnership Marketing.” Affiliate marketing is all about people and partnerships. Success in this industry has always come down to the partnerships you make and the trust you build with those partners over time. How you engage with customers matters. How you communicate offers and opportunities with affiliates translates to the success or failure of a campaign.It’s important to communicate regularly with the affiliates to keep them interested in your brand, your affiliate program and your offers.

Be Competitive!
Success in affiliate marketing never comes easy (another constant). Success comes in being the best in your niche. For advertisers this means knowing what your competitors are doing, not just in the products they offer and the commissions they pay but also in the way they engage, interact and satisfy customers. Don’t forget that promotions drive your affiliate program. They help secure additional exposure for advertisers and their brands. If you’re not offering promotions, your competition will.

Create Engaging Content
One of the constants is so constant that it’s become a cliché – but here it is: content is king. This gets expressed through various means but year after year it remains true: If you expect to do well you must have strong original content.

Test, Test and Test Again!
Websites are never finished – they are abandoned. It’s very important for affiliate marketers to remember that user experience is vital to conversions. If your site isn’t fully optimized and hitting on all cylinders, you’re going to miss out on purchases. Study your site analytics. Look for problems to fix and opportunities to optimize. Remember – user experience is the ultimate metric. Use it to measure everything. The affiliate channel is the perfect channel to test new strategies because you only pay for performance. Study metrics and compare results in order to discover what performs better.

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