March 24, 2009

The Hottest New Yoga Product of the Season

This spring is offering one of the hottest new Yoga products of the season; ourĀ 6′ Mandala Round Yoga Mat.

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NOW only $98.95

Regular Price $124.95
Save $41.04!

Product Highlights
The Mandala Round Yoga Mat supports complete freedom of movement during many yoga styles, enhancing the flow associated with Vinyasa yoga for example. The Mandala Round Yoga Mat ensures the smoothness of postures without having to reposition your mat. The shape of the mat makes it ideal for fitness, Pilates, and yoga practice! As an added benefit, this mat is the perfect size for ”mommy and me” yoga classes, without the need for multiple mats or having to place your child on the hard floor.

Product Features

  • 6ft diameter circle inspires fluid movement
  • Great for all 360 degree movement
  • Be aligned and straight with the embossed lines
  • Provides lightweight, durable traction
  • 6′ x 6′ x 1/4”

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