October 18, 2013

There’s a Place for Magic Here, Right?


Magic is not a term we often hear in our industry – but you’re probably hearing it more often in recent communications from your affiliate managers at Schaaf-PartnerCentric. We should probably explain why this is the case.


We’re just back from a company retreat at DisneyWorld  – and magical is THE adjective whenever you spend time at Disney. You can share in the fun in ourFlickr PhotoStream of the retreat.


Disney offers many lessons for any business – including ours. Much care goes into everything. Cast members are routinely asked to contribute their thoughts to the overall running of “the show.” After all, who better to understand how best to keep lines moving or manage tons of laundry than the very people who do that work day in and day out.


The lessons weren’t limited to our day of talking and touring. With the wonderful dinners and days of fun we had at the DisneyWorld parks, we also realized that we’re pretty blessed. It’s a rare day when our whole team (some members of which work in the Austin office; the rest working remotely from home) comes together under one roof – but when we do, you have a sense that you are among friends.


In fact, our CEO Brook Schaaf felt “at home” enough to treat us all to an evening serenade, singing a few classic rock hits for us before dinner.


So, there you have it. You may hear us talking about “magic” in the future – and this is why. Yes, magic is possible for any company in any line of work. You’ll hear more about this from us, surely. You may even hear us humming Disney tunes, too, and if you see us dressing up as Disney characters, feel free to alert the appropriate authorities.


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