October 14, 2011

What Are We Wearing to Bed? Julianna Rae Knows


It’s time to face an ugly truth. We, as Americans, are obsessed with underwear.

Not just because we buy them. Or look at them. Or create an ever-growing demand for them to be made in every size, shape, color and texture imaginable. And we all wonder – what do other people wear to bed?

In Victorian times, anything that revealed too much was downright scandalous. Fast-forward to the 90s and our national debate over boxers vs. briefs – a discussion into which even President Clinton weighed in.

Well, there’s good news. You don’t have to wonder any more. One of our clients – Julianna Rae – has done some digging – and the findings about¬†What People Wear to Bed¬†will knock you right out of your pink, frilly bloomers.

Did you know, for example, that 44% of Americans wear NOTHING to bed. As in birthday suit. As in the old Fruit of the Looms are left hanging on the vine.

The findings are fascinating and fun and DEFINITELY the stuff that will feed watercooler talk for weeks. Check out the findings. You might be surprise how many people wear clothing designed specifically for bedtime (such as pajamas or nightdresses) versus things they put together themselves (such as the old T-shirt and briefs).

Find out what ladies prefer their men to wear to bed. Also, be warned about how long some men wear the same underwear (measured in, wow, years!).

Julianna Rae also revisits the age old question: Boxers or briefs? AND explores the dangers – and benefits of sleeping naked.

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