March 30, 2010

Wysong affiliate program now offering Pay Per Call

The affiliate program for Wysong has just incorporated Commission Junction’s Pay Per Call solution to its affiliate program, which is being managed by PartnerCentric. CJ’s Pay Per Call solutions enable affiliates to include a dedicated phone number in their affiliate marketing promotions and earn commissions for all sales that result from those calls.

In developing your Pay-Per-Call program, you will receive unique, trackable toll-free phone numbers that drive calls to our own call center. You can implement these phone numbers on your website, in keyword information, and offline! Commission Junction will even place your unique toll-free number in any creative you request for this program. This will enable you to drive calls right off of a banner!

All commissionable calls are tracked through the Commission Junction Pay-Per-Call platform, and will be credited to you at the beginning of each month. Commissions will appear as a “bonus” within your traditional CJ Account Manager.

If you would like to participate in the Pay-Per-Call program, please sign up for a Pay-Per-Call Publisher Account here. If you already have a Pay-Per-Call account, you may apply to our program through your existing account platform. Prior to applying to our Pay-Per-Call program, please ensure that you are actively joined to our traditional affiliate program through your CJ Account Manager.

Please note that, in order to receive commission for calls driven on the Pay-Per-Call platform, you must belong to our affiliate program through your standard Commission Junction account.

To learn more about Commission Junction’s new Pay-Per-Call platform, please click here. Alternatively, you may contact our Client Support line at 1-800-761-1072 Mon- Fri 6am-5pm PST.

PartnerCentric was an early adopter of the new PayPerCall platform that CJ started offering in late summer 2009. Get more information about PartnerCentric’s experience in outsourced affiliate porgram management.

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